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GDLN is helping to support an Executive Education Certificate as a new initiative. It is working with KDI School and Blended Learning International for this. The focus is Pandemic and Resilience Policy. And KDI school is offering 30 scholarship places through GDLN networks to support participation.

COVID-19 has been devastating for lives, economies, and societies around the globe. Countries everywhere are still grappling with the pandemic and its consequences. More broadly too, we can see new attention being paid by government, community, and business leaders in every country to resilience challenges. This course will equip participants to engage more effectively with the demands of resilience planning for crises.
The Executive Certificate courses are to be delivered in twice-weekly sessions over a 4-week period. Each of these sessions is 90 minutes (45 minutes Framework Sessions + 45 minutes Case Study sessions). The Certificate award is to be based validated on course participation, but no assessment is required at this executive level. The course has been designed to meet standards set by the Korea Development Institute.

Course is to be delivered online and coordinated by ANU Professor Glenn Withers, GDLN Global Board Chair.

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