Facing technological and economic challenges of today

The updated GDLN ECA ME NA (Europe, Central Asia, Middle East & North Africa) reinvents itself for the purpose of adjustment to the fast changing world, to better serve the development goals and to provide grounds for further business development of the network participants.

A sustainable self-supporting network serves the purpose of improvement and development in the region as a part of UN Sustainable Development Goals. We see the role of the regional Secretariat in bringing affiliates together on the network cooperation terms. Educational and non-educational institutions could offer their programs to students and civil society at any affiliate university or network center on a new technological platform. The network gives affiliates an edge in continuous successful growth.  Affiliation allows partner institutions to take exams and certify learners after graduation or after the end of the course.

In the Europe-Central Asia-Middle East region there are more than 5 thousand universities and colleges, not counting trade schools and institutions of secondary specialized and technical education. All these established institutions are the basis for success of GDLN further development and growth.

GDLN in ECA region offers its members:

  1. Exchange of expertise in e-learning technologies.
  2. Reduction of costs and ease of development and production of e-learning programs.
  3. Facilitation and distribution of various programs in the region and beyond.
  4. Promotion of electronic educational programs for development projects.
  5. Local representation of educational and development projects.


Regional Secretariat facilitates and coordinates these activities. All affiliates are unified by the network cooperation agreement.

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