Who can become a GDLN Affliliate

  • The applicant needs to demonstrate at least one of the three GDLN core competencies :
    1. The brokering and/or provision of relevant sources of development content and expertise
    2. The design and packaging of content and expertise into effective knowledge and learning programs and activities (blended learning)
    3. The systematic delivery of those programs using a wide range of appropriate methods and technologies
  • The applicant must show commitment to work in partnership with other GDLN Affiliates in planning and implementing activities.
  • The applicant must show evidence of having experience in the field of development learning (learning within an international development context) or commitment to invest in development learning activities.
  • The applicant must demonstrate it can bring added value to the GDLN.
  • Finally the applicant must present two references, preferably from existing GDLN Affiliates or other development organizations, supporting the above criteria.

How to become a GDLN Affiliate

  • When a potential Affiliate believes it meets the above mentioned criteria, an official application can be submitted. This includes the following steps:
    • Applicant fills in the  application form, providing information and answering questions that cover the access criteria mentioned above and submit this to the Regional Secretariat.
    • The application will be processed, Regional Secretariat will review and verify the information provided by the applicant.
    • The Regional Secretariat will identify the core competences of the applicant and take a final decision on the application. This decision will be forwarded to the responsible regional representative of the Global Board.
    • The applicant will be invited to become a member of the Regional Association. 
    • Upon acceptance, an official confirmation letter will be sent to the applicant together with an official welcome letter signed by the chair of the GDLN Board. The GDLN membership will be for a 3 year period and is in principle automatically renewed.
    • The information provided by the Affiliate will also be used to create the profile of the Affiliate on GDLN Global Online, the global community platform and shared with the other GDLN Affiliates.


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